This should be a fun debate.

if you were building or upgrading a guitar and buying tuners would you go with regular or locking tuners. Both options would have the same brand, gear ratio and everything just one of them happens to lock.

I'm curious to see what everyone has to say and give reason or past experience why you would. With or without tremolos too would be interesting.
Locking, just easier to restring. No reason not to really unless cost or vintage spec is a factor. Not a dealbreaker either way but if the option is there, why not? I guess there are a few extra parts in a locking tuner but I switch all my guitars to locking tuners and have only ever had one design go bad on me, the auto-locking rotomatics which had IMO a pretty crap design. Any decent simple screw-lock tuner is a decent upgrade in my book.

Tremolo is a fairly binary preference, not sure that's even worth debating. Type of trem is a different story (and thread).

The whole floyd rose thing as well, you might not bother with locking tuners if you have a locking nut.

But other than that, agreed, I figure I might as well have them.
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Regular all the way for me. String changes IMO are fast/easy enough with non-locking. The locking mech is just another thing to fiddle with and another thing that can break. I play mainly FR equipped guitars anyway and string the ball end at the headstock. I'v had different kinds of locking tuners before and just prefer the good old fashioned way. So, no matter what style of bridge, I would still chose regular over locking. But if a guitar came with locking tuners I would use them until one breaks, and then change them out for regular ones.
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I've never had any issues with restringing cleanly and I've never had a winding slip, so I'm happy with non-locking, though if I bought a guitar with locking tuners on it, I wouldn't bother to change them.
I'm anti, because the style of music I play (slide) doesn't need them, many designs add extra weight and I see it as an unnecessary mechanical complication in my case.

I have a set of Gotoh mini self-locking tuners on one guitar that look almost identical to standard minis. It is an absolute pain to change strings, because they are very slow to lock and unlock and it needs a tool (eg a coin) to unlock them.
I had to make this decision many moons ago. Apparently I ended up with some Gotoh SD510-MG tuners which I believe are non-locking. I can't exactly remember why they were my final choice but I imagine it was also for less mechanical complications. I'm not a big tremolo user anyway.

Still have to install the things though...
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I have some of each. I think the locking tuners string a bit faster, but it's no big deal to me one way or the other.
I prefer non-locking. I've never had a guitar with locking tuners and don't see the point of spending the extra money. Although I'll admit I like the aesthetic of the really clean locked and 1/4 turn string. Only locking tuners I'd pay extra money for are Steinberger Gearless Tuners.
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