title says it all.

i want to do some videoing, but i have an sm57 and a focusrite 2i4 running reaper. but have no idea how to get the audio from that with the video.

sorry ifi put this in the wrong spot.
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Record a video while you record the audio, then mix whatever you recorded and sync it to the video with whatever video editor.

Or load the video in reaper and export the track directly on it without having to re-render anything.
That is, if reaper can do that, 'cause I really don't know.
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REAPER can handle videos but I've always found it kind of finnicky. The easiest way I've found is to record the video and audio with separate programs/devices (I use my phone for video usually), and clap at the end (or do a very sharp muted strike on guitar/bass). Mix your audio in REAPER and export it, then load it into a video editor like movie maker or avidemux and align the peak in the audio with the clap/strike. Then you can clip that part off the video and the rest will be in alignment.