good morning today i tried recording through my laney IRT studio after i finished played in my car 'which has a good sound system" it sounded like a sharp fart i didn't even played with to much gain

so what i did wrong ? that its my first time trying to record a thing

and any one knows good softwares to sync up the sound with the video ?

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Are you mic'ing up a cab or using vst's?
If you're mic'ing, it could have to do with the placement of your mic's

Also, If your mix is treble heavy you could try and fix it with eq'ing the master bus, but I would recommend getting things right on input instead of just fixing them in the mix
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Chances are the IRT doesn't have cab emulation.
Are you using cab emulation after having recorded the thing?
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If your car has a decent sound system and you mix sucks when played in the car I would be suspicous of the monitors you did the mix on. If you don't have a decent set of monitors (not computer speakers) you will get a very poor mix. Try a decent set of headphones and stay away from DJ type headphones like Dre Beats or any headphones with extended lows and highs. Just my 2 cents to consider.