Pretty normal for a steel string I believe.

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Is a 24 7/8" guitar considered a 7/8 or full size guitar?
If you're referring to the scale length, (which is in many cases 24.75") then it's full size. Typically in electrics the 24.75" scale is associated with Gibson, while the longer 25.50" length is a Fender standard.

However the 25.50" scale, is used on a majority of large body guitars, as in dreadnoughts and jumbos. The string tension required is more than the shorter scale and so long scale guitars transmit more energy to the soundboards.

However, Gibson IIRC, had a couple of dreads with the 24.75" scale.

The litmus test in your case, would be the body dimensions, which determine the "class" of guitar you have.

Have a look at this Epiphone, "Pro-1 Ultra" : http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Acoustic/Electric/PRO-1-Ultra.aspx It's designed to play easily for beginners, and fast for a more advanced guitarist. Read the specs, it carries a 24.75" scale. (But it is a full size dread).
scale length doesn't necessarily reflect the size of the guitar. martin short scale is 24.9 and full scale is 25.5, but they make full sized dreads with both scales, although most are 25.5. also the taylor big baby, which they say is a 15/16th size guitar, has a full 25.5" scale.
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