So basically after few year of guitar i want to add a new instrument to my playing

The guitar is an ESP LTD B-10 BLK for 165 euro
the amp is an Ibanez SW15 Sound Wave 15W bascombo for 79 euro

I will only have it as practice instruments. nothing like playing with a band. but are they good for the price? at the moment i play lots of genres. like thrash,death,core.. some bands im playing now are, Parkway drive, System of a down, Rise against, Heaven shall burn, Trivium.


I'll answer this in Dutch:

Zoals ik 'm bekijk op de site van BAX lijkt het een prima instrument. Mijn advies is toch om eens naar een aantal muziek zaken te gaan en het een en ander te proberen, elke bas is weer anders ook al zijn ze van hetzelfde merk. BAX heeft ook een winkel in Goes, daar zou je langs kunnen gaan mits dit vlak in de buurt is.

Die amp is een prima amp om mee te beginnen.
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I'd go with a Fender Rumble series for practice over any Ibanez amp, tbh.

Yea, but it's an practice amp it would'nt really matter to me.
The first one is a P-setup. Only a precision pickup. The second one is a PJ setup, a precision pickup and a jazz pickup. With this setup you can get a little bit of the growl that the jazz bass has and the punch from the precision.
So we have an ESP DP split single-coil on the b-10 and a ESP LDJ single coil, ESP LDP split single-coil on the b-50. what would be better for the styles I play? btw at the b-50 it has an ESP ATB-1 active tone-boost. whats that?
After some research it seems that its somekind of an EQ in the bass. How it works and what it does isn't really clear to me tbh.