My current rig is mostly comprised of guitar pedals (a hyperfuzz, a Korg AX1000, etc.) into an Orange Micro Terror which is running into an old Peavey bass cab.

I'm looking for something amp head-wise, that is AFFORDABLE with a bit more punch, I play guitar too, so my gear gets cross-used a lot.

I've heard good things about the Ampeg portaflex, but i've also heard it's got issues cutting through the mix, and at the moment i'm playing as a trio, me on vocals/bass a guitarist and a drummer, and I fill the role of a second guitarist quite often, i'm also predisposed to playing like Taiji Sawada and Cliff anyway.

My basses are a Squier P, a heavily modified Ibanez Mikro and an Ibanez GSR206, for whatever that's worth.
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We need the usual information to give you good recommendations: your location, your budget, are you willing to go used, etc.

Beyond that, take a look at Acoustic's BH300 amplifier head. It is a good one with very good tones, and at a reasonable price:


The GK micro bass heads are also very good, and some of them are surprisingly loud and punchy.
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