Hello UG !

For quite some time I have been dabbling with the idea of making a guitarpedal that is able to tell the user how worn their strings are.

Imagine that you bought a new set of strings. At first you don't like them but after having played them for a while you think that they sound really great !
Now imagine that you could pick up a set of strings that already sounds just like you want them to - that's why I invented TeString.

So far I have made a guitarpedal prototype (which is very much a prototype) and now I'm looking to take this further.

The official website is www.testring.dk and if you want to check out the build log you can do that right here

The goal for me personally would be to some day be able to go to a music store, pick up a set of strings that I know will sound awesome to me. Just by checking the TeString number on the back of the set of guitar strings.

But I will begin with the musicians so at the moment I am looking for any input concerning this idea, I am collecting this to make the greatest kickstarter campaign I possibly can !

So PLEASE comment, any input is greatly appreciated !

If you find the idea interesting you can follow TeString on twitter, github and google+, just check out 'contact' in www.testring.dk or follow the blog
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