I'm looking at getting a 68 bassman, which I've read has a 4ohm output. There is no placard displaying the resistance rating on the amp and I don't have a meter... So I'm running with interweb forum gossip.

The only cabinet I currently own is a 16ohm 2x12 peavey cab running 2 Sheffields.

Is it feasible to wire the cab differently so that it is 4 ohms? (probably only 8 and 16 huh?)

Or is there any real danger whatsoever in running a 4ohm amp into a 16ohm cab?
Your 2x12 is almost certainly two 8 ohm speakers in series. You can rewire it to parallel for 4 ohms.

Check the wiring to confirm. I would absolutely not run a vintage Bassman (or any tube amp, but especially that one) at 4:1.
If it is 16 ohm then the speakers must be 8ohms each so yes you can make it a 4ohm cab by wiring the speakers in parallel
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Says the Bassman is a 4 ohm amp. standard cabinet was a 2x12 at 8 ohms each, parallel for 4 ohm load.

Playing a 4 ohm tube amp through a 16 ohm cabinet won't hurt it, but will make it work a little harder.

Playing LESS THAN 4 ohms is a bad idea. Good way to fry a transformer. Last one I bought was $125 about 10 years ago...not a cheap fix...Tube amps don't like too low a load, and never ever run it without a speaker at all.

If your 2x12 is a 16 ohm now, that means it's wired series, two 8 ohm speakers in series will total 16 ohms, so you can re wire it parallel for 4 ohms and it will be perfect for the Bassman. Not hard to do, just look it up and be sure you understand the difference, and check it with a multimeter.

If it's a 68, I'd definitely look into replacing every capacitor in it, especially the filter caps. After 20 years or so electrolytic capacitors dry out, if one goes bad and creates a direct short you might be replacing one of those expensive transformers. I would seriously advise a complete cap job before you play it too much.

Most Fenders have the ohm rating silk screened below the speaker jack on the back of the amp chassis. Yours may not, they seem to have left it off at times. But it's a 99.999% sure thing it's a 4 ohm amp.
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Thanks guys! Shouldn't be a hard fix then!!! I'll hopefully get the amp this weekend, if I can swing the trade.