Hey, Ive got some pedals that are all in really great condition (noted below) that Im looking to trade (not interested in selling). Im looking for other pedals (right now really interested in delays, maybe a carbon copy, and nice, tight and heavy distortions), pickup sets (looking for Duncan 59/JB combo, a Slash set, or some PAF clones/style humbuckers, or maybe a noiseless or Lace Sensor set for a strat), or maybe other cool stuff. Could add cash in for guitars or amps. Really like strats and Les Pauls, with a vintage look (bursts, relics), or an LTD EC-1000.

Anyways, just PM me and we can talk and exchange pictures.

MXR Wylde Overdrive- Works perfectly, in what Id call very good condition. Has 2 pinpoint paint chips right on the edge of the front and bottom of the baseplate, otherwise perfect.

MXR EVH Phase 90- Again, works flawlessly, and again in very good condition. Has 2 or 3 pinpoint chips in the paint on the sides of the body.

Boss Super Chorus CH-1- This is in New condition as well, looks perfect and functions flawlessly.

MXR Distortion III- Another one in perfect condition, both cosmetically and functionally. Also, dont let the name "Distortion" fool you, this pedal is actually more of a really dirty, heavy overdrive than it is a saturated distortion.

Also have an old Line 6 Guitar Port that is in pretty good condition, but doesnt have any of the connector cables. Not sure if they still make this one or not.

Shipping to continental US only (sorry), or local pickup in York, PA