A few years ago I was given a guitar by a friend whose husband had passed away. At the time I couldn't locate any info on this guitar or brand. I put it away and kind of forgot about it. I just got it out and still don't know much about it. I was told it was a Christmas present to her husband in either 1999 or 2000 and was purchased new but from a private dealer in northern New Jersey who she no longer knows or has contact with.

The brand name on the headstock is "Aslin Dane". It has no modal name or serial number that I can find. It does have a pretty nice sound and the neck feels nice. The fretboard looks like ebony but is laminated and I can't tell what kind of wood it is underneath. It is in mint condition as the owner rarely played it and it never left the house. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I cannot find anything on this guitar.
aslin dane 1.jpg
aslin dane 2.jpg
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Looks like one of those dime a dozen Chinese strat copies.
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Yeah, just a strat copy.
You got it for free, it has good tone, and you like the neck. Sounds like a keeper.
That green looks pretty nice, too.
It's a little thing, but I would take off those string tees and maybe replace them with the ones Fender is using now. I like them a lot more.
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Seems like a smaller company that produced copies in the NY/NJ area. From what I've found they made copy ranging from 335s to Brian May models etc... Priced around 250-700 new give or take.

Not much info on the net but it's there.
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aslin dane is (was not sure) a maker of budget gear. they aren't bad for a low end guitar and made a kinda cool Brian May guitar copy a few years back. if the guitar plays and sounds good then great that's what counts
Thanks for your help. The NY/NJ thing makes sense since I live in New Jersey and she bought it from someone who lives near NYC. I'm an occasional Strat player (more into wider necks and humbuckers) and the thing does sound pretty good and I was able to do some neck adjustments and got the action low with good intonation. It has to be a keeper because it was a gift.
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