Our son really wanted a real guitar for his 7th birthday! We searched all over for a good quality guitar that was still cheap and I am SO glad we found this one! Its slightly smaller than a regular guitar, but not super tiny like some of the other childrens guitars.
I don't know a whole lot about guitars but it was pretty simple to tune with the tuner that was included and a little help from youtube! We don't really care for the bag. I'm sure its nice if you are taking it places, but the guitar seems to get caught inside the bag and is hard to get out. We have decided to just buy a wall mount for it (they are cheap on amazon, you can find one for less than $10)
I honestly can't tell if this is an Adbot...
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I honestly can't tell if this is an Adbot...

Yes. And it's an art.

Consider the person who designed this program. They're clever. They've stemmed away from the 90s branch of adbots that speaks in jumbled noise composed of somewhat-decipherable text. No explicit character strings advertising a product, just "ordinary" human reactions and phrases used in conversation after making a purchase. Sharing it with "the guys" at the pub, so to say. All advertising is used in the uploaded image, as it can legally be argued that images are forms of art and all interpretations of the image are simultaneously valid and subjective.

An actual human had to write that program and then launch it on the web, perhaps to make ends meet in their own life. I wonder what their hopes and dreams are... what have they seen in life... why are they where they are today?

Edit: Oh shit. "why are they where they are today" is palindromic, except for the first and last words. I didn't even mean to make that happen. lol. Good shit.
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Now thats a starter guitar you can set your watch to. This adbot seems like a standup guy. Sorry you and your robot family are having issues getting the guitar out of the bag
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