Hey guys Ive been having a problem trying to figure out how to pick fast riffs that have very quick palm muting between the clean notes. Specifically if you have played any Miss May I or The Devil Wears prada songs. They all have extremely fast palm muting on the low e and quick clean notes on the a or sometimes d. Im getting frustrated at how to attack the picking. If I play it at slower speed I can do it with all down strokes or up, down (on low e palm muted) then down down ( on a). Ive looked up alternate picking but i can not play it at full speed even doing that. So my real question is how do you attack the fast little riffs with the palm muting integrated? Do you do true alternate up down up down the entire riff? Any help is very helpful because I dont want to learn wrong and hurt myself in the long run if I just needed to practice true alternate picking.

If your interested in hearing the song or looking at the tab some of the songs are Apologies are for the Weak, a dance with aera cura by miss may I. Hey john whats your name again, reptar king of the ozone, dont dink and drank by the devil wears prada. Again thanks so much for any help. Below are some examples.

Apologies are for the Weak by Miss May I

Hey John Whats Your Name Again by The Devil Wears Prada

Reptar King of The Ozone by The Devil wears prada
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I looked at the one song "apologies" not familiar with the band or song but looking at the tab I would alternate pick the whole part you're talking about. The best way you're going to get it is to keep practicing it at a speed where you can play it clean and then gradually increase your speed. That's exactly how I learned alternate picking (by finding a song that required it and practicing it till I got it)

Personally though I like to down pick most riffs and only switch to alternate picking if its too quick for my down pick. I just think it sounds tighter down picked.
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Thanks RCA1186, I forgot to add some tab examples so people didnt need to look them up. And I prefer down picking but the tempo is just too fast. Oh... and Go Pack Go!