I'm looking for some new punk pop to listen to. I'm getting to used to the songs I have. Make a suggestion.
Punk-pop. Yes, right over there, in the section directly next to atonal-showtunes.
Ах, так вы не пьете и не курите?
Хорошо для вас: вы здоровым умрете!
Pop-Punk? What is this nonsense?
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it's pop-punk and the only answer is the Ergs!

Quote by jakesmellspoo
it's pop-punk and the only answer is the Ergs!

realest of real talks you're ever gonna get

maybe u will like BALLSACK check out "the third conversation of my new life is ending starting right now"
You might like Acceptance. Don't expect new music from them as they split 8 years ago.
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