New guy here with possibly a dumb question. But i just bought my first guitar, a yamaha fg700s. One bridge pin is not level with the others and I was wondering if this is going to cause me any problems. Its a brand new guitar out of the box.
It's a QA issue, but not one to be concerned about.

Either the inside of the bridge hole is ragged or slightly undersized, or, the string ball end isn't far enough under the bridge, forcing the pin to hang up without seating.

When you restring an acoustic, you bend a "J" into the ball end of the string, making certain that when you insert it into the bridge, the ball is completely under the forward lip of the bridge, and you can't see it, before you insert the pin.

As for the pin hole being undersize. a few changes will wear off the fuzz, and the pin will seat deeper.

Remember, for better or worse, the pins are harder than the bridge, so the bridge will wear first.