Squid considers applying for sainthood, but can't find miracles Squid has committed.

Squid considers Squidself a friendly type of cephalopod, one given to random acts of kindness and smiling to strangers on the street. Squid likes candle-lit dinners, sunsets and movies that make Squid cry. But Squid doesn’t want you to get any illusions: Squid is no saint.
Squid’s met a few humans who might qualify as such, people who selflessly give their lives in the service of others. But even then, Squid’s not so sure: Can any person really be worthy of worship?
Pope Francis thinks so, and just last week announced Father Junipero Serra, founder of the first nine of Spanish California’s 21 missions—including the Carmel Mission and Mission San Antonio—would be made a saint later this year, when the pope makes his first visit to the U.S.
Squid did a double-take. Serra, a saint? In the mission system Serra created in California in the 1700s, Native Americans who agreed to be baptized immediately gave up their freedom. If they tired of the mission life, had second thoughts and ran away, Spanish soldiers on horseback hunted them down and brought back to their indentured servitude. Then they were likely flogged, as they were at other times when they failed to toe the line of mission life, one of forced labor and worship.
Even Serra himself wrote: “I am willing to admit that in the infliction of [flogging], there may have been inequalities and excesses committed on the part of the some of the priests, and that we are all exposed to err in that regard.”
Would a saint err in that regard? Or allow others to do so under his watch?

Should Squid apply for sainthood?
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He should apply for calamarihood at the local Italian restaurant.
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He should apply for calamarihood at the local Italian restaurant.

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