I got these for free re-wiring a guys guitar to active and these are some of the worst fake EMG pickups I've ever seen. The guitar was a fake Zakk Wylde guitar off of chinese counterfeit guitar site. I'd mention some..but.. yeah too many try and sell them on craigslist alone.

The guitar had 500k pots and anyone who has even swapped a battery in an EMG before they made the separate compartment would agree with me there is a lot of signs saying these are fake.

so the big concerns are
1)- 500k pots are not used in actives
2)- there are really, really cheap battery clips out there that will only last 2-3 battery changes and lets face it soldering scares most lmao, but the hard plastic ones on ebay aren't bad at all.
3)- the EMG "quick connect" cables have the wrong colors. technically they will work just they require some thought. Personally I like the hard wiring ones more then the solderless garbage out there.
4)- the stereo jacks on legit EMG pickups look similar to mono input jacks although this LTD M400 I had, had the different stereo jack. EMG tends to use switchcraft

but now onto the pickups
ok so the dead giveaway with these was flipping them over. The "B" and "N" stickers were amazing

they do have female breakaway headers on them so they are solderless, but they are lower grade

the screws are 4-40 like all cheap pickups on ebay from china. 3-38 are USA pickups like Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan humbuckers

both the bridge and neck have silver writing on these. To be fair there is the 81/81 combo some guys go with but it's a slightly larger font and the paint is a few shades off or whatever. However.. I've seen some of the "newer" fakes on the market that do have the stickers on them like legit EMG pickups so be aware of this.

weight wise they are about the same I can imagine. I think there was a 20g difference if memory serves me right. I wish I took one apart to see if they used the right texas instrument IC as the schematic of the 81 is readily available.

dimensions are the same as well

I would rather the X or TWX series of EMG pickups as I've bought and sold a ton of EMG pickups locally and never ran into fakes. Either I was lucky or something. But I say go X series for the updated tone, less compression and just an overall better pickup without 18v modding.

anyways here's the photos. I didn't try them the guy just passed me a guitar. We put the Zakk Wylde set in and he left. I was tempted to put them in a schecter or LTD to try them out but it was a busy week
Never heard of faked EMGs before... It might be worth mentioning that I have it on pretty good authority that the commonly-available EMG 81 schematic (the first two image results if you google "emg 81 schematic") is loaded with errors (not sure about the third image result).

I just spent the last half-hour or so looking for the thread where he explains it and can't find it, but the dude who said it (his username was SomeoneYouKnew) really knows his shiz and he posted an analysis of the schem. Wish I could remember what he said...

Anyway, that's my spiel.
electrosmash I believe is the website I have it bookmarked. It was an interesting read but yeah these came off of a gibson les paul zakk wylde copy. But yeah finding that texas instrument chip is easy. As is the original tube screamer chip made by Samsung.

this other guy on here was my instigation for posting this though. He had issues with his EMG wiring and I helped him out. So I figured I'd post this and let everyone see or somewhat spread the word.
I can't remove my EMG's now to see the ticket,but the EMG font is just like the fake one.Am I in trouble?
Quote by BlackRose93
I can't remove my EMG's now to see the ticket,but the EMG font is just like the fake one.Am I in trouble?

No, Thats EMG's new logo, on the real picture thats EMG's old logo
if the guitar came stock with EMG pickups I wouldn't worry. It's when you get an insane deal used on craigslist where I worry. the last few years I re-wired about 50-100 guitars and never saw fake EMG pickups like this. Just this one instance and I figured I'd help everyone out.

there is the "hybrid chip" actives on ebay for 20$ each , the red line or whatever series actives GFS has to all sorts of no name companies but yeah fake EMG pickups I've hardly ever seen. Someone mentioned EMG pickups thinking they were fake so I gave him some pointers what to look for and decided to do this here instead of in blog format as I'm still new to here.

here is the electrosmash article on them though if anyone wants to read more about them. Their schematic and all. I'll take a blackout (metal or regular or EMTY) any day over an EMG 81.
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