Hi, all!

I'm new to this forum... I am posting here, because I stumbled upon an old thread from a number of years ago, where users were discussing him. I love Shawn's albums (The Powers of Ten era, in particular), ... The Tri-Tone Fascination is fantastic, as well. I think it's a damn shame he is not more widely recognized, for the musical genius that he was.

I am indeed well aware of the . Which is great, and pretty much the only place for live videos of him that is universally available on the internet. Although, I would like to enjoy a bootleg DVD or two of my own, for personal viewing / superior quality.

I am looking for these:

October 10th, 1992 - Memphis Guitars - Memphis, TN
February 5th, 1993 - G.I.T. (Musicians Institute) - Hollywood, CA
May 15th, 1995 - Masterclass - Aulnay sous Bois, France
February 6th, 1996 - Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University - Cleveland, MS

Would anybody here, perhaps be willing help me out with obtaining one, or all?

-Have a good one!

Thank you,
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