the high e string broke, and i wont be able to get new strings for a day. will it be okay to keep the guitar in standard tuning and playing rhythm guitar, with no bending strings. I dont want to damage anything
No, your guitar will explode with the lack of tension on the neck. Splintering into a million pieces and killing all who stand in it's wake.

I'm kidding, you'll be fine.
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Won't hurt anything, but if your neck is not substantial/solid or you have a floating trem the lack of tuning stability may drive you nuts.
Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones removes the low E and tunes the other 5 to open G, Max Cavalera from Sepultura/Soulfly is known to drop tune with only 4 heavey gage wound strings although he admits to having tuning issues much to the frustration of his band mates.
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