I took quite a few lessons in my early years and learned many of what I would call guitar basics, techniques, tunes and styles. But I never felt like I was "that good". My instructors were all gigging musicians and they were all very good, but I wasn't crossing the chasm, so to speak.

One day I asked a friend who was probably the best guitarist I'd had the good fortune to come across, if he would spend some time with me and offer some tips. As you can imagine, trying to coordinate a time and place was a challenge, but we were able to work in 4 sessions over as many months.

All I can say is that having that "show and tell" was enough to completely transform my playing.

So, my guitar lesson lesson is that the teacher can make a HUGE difference. I read about musicians that are struggling with stuff and I wonder if they have fired their teacher or gone to a good one.

It's more important to have a good but affordable guitar and a good teacher, than an expensive guitar and a bad or no teacher at all.

EDIT: Does not apply to child prodigies or natural-born talents who have god-given gifts that no teacher can improve on!

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idk man i have like 7 good guitars, no teacher and idgaf, lifes good 420 blaze it ts
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idk man i have like 7 good guitars, no teacher and idgaf, lifes good 420 blaze it ts

I should have probably been more careful ... we've all known musicians who have a "gift from God"

Never had a lesson and play like no get out!

I wasn't thinking of y'all when I wrote my post. Thanks for pointing that out!
What you really need is a lesson on the scientific method and how variables that you aren't accounting for can have a huge impact on the credibility of your findings. Also is that the same friend with the Jeff Beck guitar?
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