I`m using circle K strings right now .10-.70. I like them except the tension isn't all that there. this is on my Schecter 26.5 inch scale too btw. Any recommendations for heavy gauge strings that have a lot of attack and tensions and can handle tuning all the way down to G? Thanks
For G I got EB 8 string pack and threw away the 64 gauge B string and put the 74 gauge on the 7th string. I have EB cobalt slinky to heavy bottom 7 string set on now though because I don't play that low normally. My scale is only 25.5 so I imagine you should have no problems with the 8 string pack. Or get a set of 12s and buy an individual string for the 7th.
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I don't know any 7 string packs, but for if you going down to G, for the 6 strings, except the high one, you could try (but be careful) cleartone 14-80 (which is used for standard B tuning with the bottom string (on a six string guitar) tuned to A. As far as know, for six string packs, that gauge combination is one of the heaviest I've ever seen. You could try that; though I don't know if there'll be enough high tension or the strings will feel slightly loose. Depends what you call high tension.
I'm not even sure you can get normal guitar strings that exceed 80, unless the ernie ball six string bass pack have the same ball ends (there's a 90 for that low string, but that tension's meant for E an octave lower, so could be too much for G).
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guitarstringsonline.com lets you make a custom set from D'Addario, Dr and other string brands for about the same as a regular pack of strings.

When you say down to G, you mean like drop A down one step? GDGCFAD? I'd say do a 11-56 set with a 74 or 76 on the bottom.
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