Arthritis is among the most known illnesses as it is an old, chronic joint disorder causing debilitating condition if it is untreated. Inflammation and stiffness of joints is prevalent in the disease causing difficulty in movement. Constant pain is common in the affected joints. Varied levels of pain is experienced in the different forms of Arthritis, swelling and joint stiffness is also present. Inability to use the hands or walk, sleep disturbances, weakness, difficulty moving the joints, muscle aches and pains also occur in most forms of Arthritis. Muscle weakness and loss of flexibility is prevalent in the advanced stages of Arthritis. Arthritis is known for causing physical inactivity. The major forms of Arthritis are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Gouty Arthritis. Gouty Arthritis is inflammatory owing to the deposition of Uric acid crystals in the joints. The joints become swollen and lose function. It can be painful and debilitating without treatments. Ayurveda is providing treatment for Arthritis, the introduction of Arthritis therapy is a major initiative towards curing Arthritis. External therapies such as Abhyanga or therapeutic oil massage, Podikkizhi or powder bolus massage, Elakizhi or leaf bolus massage, Njavara or rice bolus massage are used in treatment for Arthritis. Other therapies include Lepanam or medicinal paste application, Sneha Vasthi or oil enema and Kashaya Vasthi or decoction enema. Rheumat tablet and Rheumarid tablet are pain relievers and also effective in relieving Rheumatic conditions. There is also Rheumat Liniment, an external application effective in instant pain relief. The complete treatment for recovery from Arthritis requires 21 days, however, the duration of the treatment depends on the chronic condition of the illness.
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