Sorry for the cheesy pun...I resently discovered I can play much more comfortably just having the strap around my neck and not behind and of my arms...is there anyone here or any well known players who play like that?
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That sounds pretty weird man. But hey, whatever works I guess.

+1. Weird.

I wouldn't want to try this with a heavy guitar through a 3 hour gig.
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I don't know any players that play like it, there could be a good reason for that as the weight is more centered and not throwing your balance forward or anything.
I suppose if your posture is good (not leaning forward and not looking down at the guitar all the time) then the damage could be kept to a minimum, but I would recommend having your arm through.
The reason I like it more is because it feels more like the position I practice in which is with the guitar resting on my left leg (I play regular stance) so that the guitar is more shifted toward the left side of my body..When I play standing normally, (with the strap over my shoulder) the guitar is more centred and throws arms off co-ordination from what I'm comfortable with...Just having it over my neck moves it more in the sitting position familiarity. Maybe there is another way of achieving more comfort?
For the love of god please don't do this. You will **** up your neck over time and the convenience is not worth it.
Only person I know of who does that is Willie Nelson. He uses a strap that goes underneath his acoustic and clips into the sound hole, hangs only around his neck, not over the shoulders.
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