Hello. I submitted my first column on UG this week, which was apparently quickly approved and posted and I appreciate that!

Then when I went back to follow up on comments I noticed a couple of spelling errors.

In looking around for a way to access the column for editing I have not found any such access, but I found this forum with all the guidelines about submitting here for editing first. That would have been a good idea and I would have done so if I had known of the procedures. This was my oversight and will not happen again.

In the meantime, is there any way to access the article for edits? Or else can the moderators repair the column? It was the article about How to Manage Frustration. There are a couple of spelling errors in the paragraph before last, labeled Employing Objective Standards. "Progress doe not always" ... should be "does", and "If you are judging you progress" ... should be your

Sorry for the hassle. If I come up with another article I think may be useful to UG readers I will edit more carefully and submit through this forum per your procedures.