I've been writing a short story about how humanity tries to explore space, and ends up meddling with entities that are better left unknown. Mankind named this species " Servok" because of the guttural sound they make just before they attack. It's the year 2085, 30 years after the Servok have invaded us. They took out the most dense populated cities in the world, leaving governments to crumble under the suffering of their people. But one continent has some life in it. Europe lays in utter destruction, only with a few communities breathing, scattered across the Carpathians, Crimean and the Apennines mountains. They have taken refuge in the wilderness, coming back to where they started. Deep caves are their only escape from the fierce extraterrestrials, that only seek to end human race. It's a story told from the perspective of the Servok, and their goal to find a habitable planet, after wrecking their old one through countless wars among themselves.
Beginning is very mellow, very pleasant, and it draws you in very well. However the intro sequence is a little long for the length of the overall track. You should make it longer so as to have the full impact of the story in the music because the story is a sound one.

I can see it going all heavy and shit to represent the Servok, and developing further to show their attack of the earth and recapping of the beginning with some dark twists to show the Servok's journey for a planet too.

Theres ALOT of untapped potential, in my opinion. I feel like its good, but from what Im reading about the story it doesnt quite do it justice not because your writing or recording is bad but simply because it doesnt really branch out much, or at least not to the same extent as the story. I feel like it could be brilliant if you did though.

Overall, well made, atmospheric, definitely put space in my mind. Expand on it!

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1) Your story: VERY cool premise for a story. I hope that you post a link to it in here once it's completed, so that we can check it out.

2) The idea of writing a song for a story is really intriguing.

- I love the electric piano on the intro. It is peaceful and haunting. It reminds me of something from my childhood, evoking a hint of nostalgia.
- The pads overlaid with vocals definitely have a futuristic, spacey, feel...and you can tell that despite the peaceful atmosphere, something might go wrong soon.
- Great atmosphere to the track. Well done.

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The build up of tension from 2.07 is awesome. By two and a half minutes you hit that balance between ambience and chaos, the random animal-sounding samples capture it perfectly.
I like the pianos in the intro. Would be cool to hear small little melody refrains later in the track but reverbed out a little so that they sit more in the background.
Overall great job, the premise of the story sounds cool too.

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Thanks guys. I went on to your threads and gave you the well deserved feedback . Anyway, that short story is going to take me a while to complete. I have so many things to say. It will take prolly a week or two more to finish. I don't want to rush it.