I can't downtune my guitar till I get new strings, so I was wondering, I'm learning Stabwound by Necrophagist, this song is in D standard. But my guitar is in E standard. So, without GP5 grouping the notes stupidly by just transcribing it in another tuning automatically in the program, is there a way to change the tuning of ALL stringed instruments so that it will play the exact same song, just in E tuning?

Thanks in advance!

Change the tuning of each instrument to E standard. When the dialog pops up asking if you want it to transcribe the TAB to that tuning, select 'no'.
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If you want to do that without transcribing you have to go through each individual instrument within guitar pro, edit them and change the tunings from there.

It's been a long time since I've used GP5 though so I might be off.
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The free and otherwise quite handicapped Audacity includes a useful tool that can change the pitch of recordings. I have used it in the past when I wanted to learn songs recorded with tuned down guitars. It's very useful when you want to practice a song without tuning your guitar down, which can be a hassle on Floyd Rose-equipped guitars, for example.

It's a bit more fun to play along to the album version of a song than Guitar Pro.
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