Any rock/metal singers want to do some recording/potential live work? The music I write/play is influenced heavily by Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Rammstein and others.

I am looking for someone who can sing cleanly as a priority but I am also open to screamers etc. I am based in London, with access to high quality studios, as well as my own recording equipment, could be a good chance to add material to your portfolio and could lead to further recording and potential live work. Must be willing to work with pre-existing music (metal/thrash/metalcore). If you have your own facilities for recording vocals, even better. If you are not near London, or even in the UK, that is also fine, as we can make this an online only project.

Demo tracks can be heard here:


I have a whole albums worth of material ready to go and am currently in the process of laying down guitars/drums for a first EP.

Either message me, comment on this post or email me at: alex.bain@live.co.uk