Hiya, I'm moving into a flat in a few months and as such had to sell my Blackstar HT Studio 20 because it's too big (both in terms of power and physical size) and would be a bit too expensive to run, so I'm going to buy something a bit more appropriate, problem is I'm in no position to go test anything so ...

I'm looking at either the Roland Cube 20GX, or the Blackstar HT5-C.

I'm a bit torn since I've heard the Cube before and it's a decent amp and I like the look of the extra features it has, plus it's a fair bit cheaper than the HT5, but I adored my HT 20 (almost reached the point of crying letting it go ) so the blackstar tone is appealing, but I've never played an HT5 so can I get hard rock and heavy metal tones out of it at bedroom/flat levels without pissing off the neighbors? I'm assuming you can since my HT 20 managed it nicely, but obviously can't be sure and it is a lot of money compared to the cube.

What do people think? Would the cube or the blackstar be best for a flat, and is the blackstar really worth the extra cash in this case?
I personally think the blackstar HT1 and HT5 suck, and the rest of the HT line is mediocre.
The cube sounds small, end of the story.

Also smaller amps don't sound better than bigger amps at lower volumes just 'cause they're smaller.
To us, everything sounds better louder up to the point where it starts hurting, it's not a matter of output power or size or whatever else.
Also guitar speakers are heavy and if you don't move them enough they sound dull.

In short, unless size's a big problem, if you want the HT20 sound simply keep your HT20 and use the volume control.

If you're worried about space AND volume, get a pod hd bean or hd500 or hd500x and a pair of nice headphones.
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A Pod is best for a flat. Dismiss me all you want.
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I have no interest in pods I'm afraid, I just want an amp. I also said nothing about smaller amps sounding better than larger ones just because they're smaller, only asked if either of these two would do the job (perhaps not too well phrased, but all the same). I also already stated that I have sold the HT20.
Worth a look at Peavey like the Vypyr.