Hey everyone,

I've been writing and recording music off and on over the course of the last ten years or so. I've put together a collection of my personal favourite tracks into a 9-track demo album, available for free download through my BandCamp.

The tracks were recorded over a number of years on a variety of different mobile recording setups. I've finally got a small home studio in place, and I plan to start writing more music and re-recording some these songs - this time with more consistency to the recording techniques and performances.

I'd love any feedback on the music I've written and recorded; any suggestions for edits or tweaks in my upcoming effort will be very welcome!

Everstorm's Eve: Demo Tracks

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Thanks for the crit man, very detailed, and Im glad you enjoyed my tracks.

All I See - The piano part repeating is very good in the beginning, and it develops well as the song progresses. The heavy part coming in was very good, and the song is structurally quite sound. I felt as if I was expecting the vocals to come back in, if leaving them out was part of the effect then fair enough, and the song does have a fair amount of momentum without them, you play around enough with the other instruments to keep it interesting.

My main gripe is with production; the mix could be improved. Initially, the piano is a little loud, the balance between it and the vocals is too piano heavy. The overlaid vocals were a nice effect, but they need a bit of polishing. The initial entry sounded a little shaky, it gets better as it goes on but it sounds a little rough.

The mix in the heavy bit again needs some reviewing; the drums are quite loud, the guitars quite quiet, the bass volume is alright, and the synth volume has a good balance with the piano. The solo guitar is a little quiet, you can hear it and make out the notes, but it sounds like its been put to the back of the mix.

As far as instruments go, the vocals need more power. Your voice (if it is you singing) is a little breathy, and that coupled with the mix having it a little too quiet means the voice in the track sounds a bit weak. The effect is a little diminished.

I get that its a demo, so its all fair enough. All it needs is polishing here and there and itll be good. Its just a matter of doing that!

As a song its nice. Pleasant. I like it. It just needs polishing up

Waves on the Ocean - The mix is better here. The piano part is nice. Sounds very emotional and soulful. Structure is good. This is something I would listen to in the middle of the night to just chill by.

The singing again though, is quite breathy. Im not sure if its a matter of technique, or simply the tone of voice, but there needs to be a bit more power, it needs to be more captivating.

Regarding Your Shoes - The vocals sounds nicer here, I dunno if its the mix or the heavier reverb or whatever, but it cuts through nicely here. The bongos/congas are a nice touch.

I can hear what sounds like white noise, I dunno if you have that in for effect, to make it sound a little more vintage or something, but if not you can get rid of that in the EQ stage, cut in as many tracks as possible the frequencies between the 2k and 5k range. Not fully, mind, but enough to reduce the white noise.

Watch The Stars - Sick tremolo effect (if Im right). The tone is nice. Personally I would cut the treble just a little more, make it a little softer, but thats just my opinion really.

Vocals are nice and loud, can hear every word and it stands out. Be wary of track clipping though, I think I caught a few moments of track clipping.

The song is pleasant. The guitar riff is nice. Where the bass comes in is fantastic, I was going to comment on maybe thinking about branching out in terms of texture, but you did and I really like it. Great work on this track!

Rain Falling Up - Interesting. Sounds pretty trippy. If I had some acid or a molly I would definitely have popped it for listening to this. That tremolo vocal thing is interesting, as a whole this track is trippy as **** but I like it. Love the bit with the spacey guitars.

For a track like this, the mix is massively important, because its all trippy and stuff you want to engross your listener, and, for other artists listening especially, you dont want them to be distracted by the mix. In this case the synth in the beginning is a little loud, the drums could do with a bit of a roll back in terms of volume but theyre not too bad. Vocals a little louder. On the whole, the track is very interesting.

Same As Before - Balls out, classic rock. The instrumental is quite sound, be wary of timing though.

The volume balance between the instruments in this one is rather good, though the riff guitar should be just a tad louder. The vocals are again quite breathy in this song, the past few weren't too bad but this one Im hearing the breathiness again. Maybe have a go at the EQ-ing, roll back the 2k-5k range a slight bit, play around with the EQ-ing and see what you come out with. Overall the song is pretty good, but needs polishing.

Woman in White - The piano is back! I found myself nodding to the minim piano key strokes, I like it. The drums here are used to effect very well, you play with texture here very well, which is something difficult to do effectively, so well done!

The synths are nice, the guitars too, and the volume balance is quite good. Im hearing the white noise again, think about the EQ-ing in the 2k-5k range. I reckon play around with the EQ and see what you come out with, starting with the 2k-5k range.

Where the bass and distorted guitar comes in is nice, gives it drive. I was hoping it would expand a little further after it came in haha. Maybe bring it in a little earlier to make more use of that momentum? Although it does give a dramatic ending. If the dramatic end was the thing you were going for, then fair enough.

Good track, needs a bit of a polish but good track

Float Away - The balance here is good in terms of volume. I like the guitar tone here quite alot. I do feel like Im floating here, the title is very appropriate. I feel like for the length of the song, some more playing with the texture would be practical, maybe use of some of the trippy aspects of Rain Falling Up, to a lesser extent, mind, would give it a really floaty feel.

Be careful with the guitar melody solo thing, it verges on dissonance, and with the straight away increase in pace that it brings, it sort of shocks the listener out of the floaty feel. Be careful, the resolving few notes make it work, but yeah.

Nice track, maybe play with the texture like you did in Watch the Stars.

Love You Beyond - Very nice, reminds me of sort of medieval sounding folk in the beginning, with the use of perfect intervals and stuff like that. The guitar part has alot of weight in the notes, and I like it. It has the aspect of strength about it and I feel like it really carries the song. The vocals are nice too, the sparse texture I feel works here, though maybe bringing in the bass here for effect would work brilliantly.

Favourite tracks; Watch the Stars and Love You Beyond.

On the whole, you've got some good things going on here, and you've definitely got some talent about you. You gotta polish your stuff up some more, and from the sounds of things maybe a better mic too, because good gear can make a huge difference to how the track turns out.

I feel like Ive been a little harsh in my crit, and I want you to understand Im only commenting alot on the things to be improved because I dont wanna bullshit you. But understand that youve got some good things going on here, and you need to keep writing music! Its getting there, these are by no means bad, especially as theyre only demo. You just gotta keep writing, get some better gear or get a mate who has good gear and record with him for the final versions (and post them here!).

You have good stuff going. You've got things to work on, but a hell of a load to be proud of as well.

Keep writing!
TommyGunUk, thank you so much for your in-depth and extremely helpful critique! Your analysis and suggestions have given me some specific areas to work on. It is just what I needed to hear. Thank you also for your kind words and encouragement. I'm really inspired to push further and take my music to the next level after reading your post.
Hey man, thanks for the feedback. Here's mine.

All I See - i like how you play the piano. I mean, I really really love how you did the piano on this track, and how the drums kick in. What I don't like is the voice you use on this track, as I think it doesn't fit it, and the tone of the guitar. Maybe try to use a different tone? Try something not as hard as that? With a little tremolo, make it feel dirty, but not that grunge'ish? The solo is short and sweet, comes in great with the drums, and the piano. All in all, it's a great track, that I think you should work a little bit more on it.
Waves on the ocean - well on this one, your voice fits in perfectly. You hit those notes perfectly. And I'm gonna say it again, I love how you play the piano. Add some reverb to your voice maybe? I don't know, try it, and see how it feels.
Regarding your shoes - short and sweet, I like it.
Watch the starts - starts off really great. How did you manage to pull off that tone? I was expecting some drums to hit at 0:30 on the same melody, but expanding it further. It's okay, but, in my opinion, if you would add some drums and a bass line to it, it can be great!
Rain Falling Up - I don't like it, it's just a personal opinion, so don't think much of it. It's mixed okay, production wise, you did it okay.
Same as Before - really digging the oldie sound here. But I don't think your voice fits this track.
Woman in White - i like how you compose, you have a sense for it. it's a great track.
Float Away - great little solo starting 3:00. I like it.
Love You Beyond -for whatever reason, it didn't play for me. I'm using chrome, and switched to IE to see if I can hear it, but no. I'll return shortly with an edit when I can listen to it.

All in all, your piano playstyle is really great, and you should work on your tracks. Add to them when you can, change parts. Don't be afraid to experiment! And also, don't give too much importance to opinions of other internet strangers. Do what you love, and be happy about it. Good luck!
andreicristian, thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your taking the time to review each track. To answer your question, my tone on "Watch the Stars" was achieved by playing my piano through my guitar's distortion pedal chained into my Pocket Pod with a vibrato effect. Thank you for your feedback!
Waves of the Ocean is on - yes nice piano intro, reminds me a little of Dream Theater's album Scenes From a Memory with the vox delivery as well

the mix isnt great but I can tell you got the skills as a musician

the chorus is simple but very effective, love the bridge at 2 30 thats was nice change up

great job
Quote by InnerDream
Waves of the Ocean is on - yes nice piano intro, reminds me a little of Dream Theater's album Scenes From a Memory with the vox delivery as well

the mix isnt great but I can tell you got the skills as a musician

the chorus is simple but very effective, love the bridge at 2 30 thats was nice change up

great job

Thank you for the kind feedback, friend!
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"All I See": Piano sounds very good! Verse vocals sound very good, reminds me of Sting a bit. The harmony vocals don't sound as good. I like the drums/percussion, guitars and the synths. Nice melodies all around. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Thanks for your review! I've replied in your thread!