Hi, Mike from Kansas. I've been signed up since 2004 and gotten tabs and chords from the site but have been idle more often than actual playing for much of that time. Occasionally I'd pick up the guitar and play the same old snippets of songs I've known since I was in my 20's and then it would sit for months.

Last year I got serious on discovery of all the lessons on YouTube and have my 2-3 favorite teachers.

I realized that in the length of time I've owned my guitars other players have been born, grown up, risen to super stardom. It is humbling to say I've been "playing" for over 30 years but haven't progressed much beyond simple cowboy chords and some basic barre shapes. I've just recently learned a couple songs "the whole way through".

trying to stick with it this time. if nothing else to stay one step ahead of my son who got an acoustic for Christmas and at 15 yrs old is rapidly catching up to me.

Hey there mate,

Never too late to start learning! Have a nice time here, the community can certainly help you as a player
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