Greetings oh guitar Gods,

Hoping you guys can help me here...... what I want to be able to do is to play the guitar through an input to the PC (into something like GuitarRig or AMplitube), and have it come out of the speakers.... but ALSO to have the other PC sounds play as well (i.e. for backing tracks etc.)

Here's my setup:

Soundblaster Z soundcard
FocusRite iSolo interface
Rocksmith guitar interface USB cable
Amplitube and GuitarRig 5

I can get sound form teh guitar etc. via ASIO4ALL.... but nothing works when trying to get the other PC sounds to play as well

Any help would be VERY appreciated! Really confused.....!
One of the unfortunate side-effects of the ad-hoc way you're using multiple sound devices is that ASIO4ALL runs in exclusive mode. That means that only one program can use the sound device at a time.
Oh balls

What are the options in that case...? Is there something I can use that will allow both guitar AND PC sound at once?

Would one of the Line 6 Studio interfaces with POD Farm do the job?
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