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I'm a guitarist and I've been really contemplating buying an acoustic bass to mess around with but I'm not sure if this is just a temporary excitement that I'm going to end up wondering why I did. I know a few people who have basses and I've fiddled with them in the past and enjoyed it. I like low end tones and have also contemplated getting an 8 string guitar too, but now bass has come up since I'm thinking I wouldn't use an 8 to its full potential plus if I like low end, maybe bass is a better choice, and my lack of theory to really write stuff would not be favourable for the 8 string's potential. I was just wondering, what made YOU buy a bass? What do you like about it? How would one use it to its full potential? What cheap acoustic basses should i look at? Preferably one i can amp up too.
Ibanez may have what you are looking for: Ibanez SRC6
It's amazingly fun to play, for those who like that low tone but still want to pull of chords.
I started out on guitar but a friends band needed a bass player. That's what got me into it. Around here (and it may be this way elsewhere) not many people play bass because they feel as if they're failed guitar players. I enjoy both equally and look at them as completely different instruments. I'd say get one just to mess around with at the very least. There are ways that playing bass can help you with playing guitar.
I suck on guitar, no but seriously, Flea, John Paul Jones, and Paul Mccartney is probably the reason I play bass, your question for how to use it to it's full potential is probably just use it for the way it should, just hold the groove, you don't really need to be the main instrument, execpt for some songs, or play some jaco's or rush tunes lol, btw for the bass what's your budget.
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I started playing bass because I was curious as to what playing frets was like after 5 years on the piano and I didn't want to play the guitar (I play it now though).

as for an acoustic bass, you could always get a travel bass or if you don't mind the label of being a ukulele player, the u-bass (see picture).

Ron, yea that whole needing a bass player is kinda 1 reason I'm contemplating it too. Delirium, I REALLY want to get theory lessons ASAP, but life is too busy at the moment with me entering school and trying to work at the same time. I totally get you though. Fabian, Flea is awesome! He's one bassist I really like too. That funk sound and the fact that they're not bland is what I love about them. In terms of budget, as CHEAP as possible but something i can appreciate. I want an acoustic, yet i want to be able to plug it in aswell.
I saw Gene Simmons play it when I was 12 years old. I know now that he is one of the worst bass players ever but it got me into playing the bass.
In acoustic basses, cheap is usually not good. If you are going to amp it, get a starter electric bass (there's many options in the FAQ thread) and go from there. If you are looking for a good AEB, Boulder Creek guitars make a decent one that is good value for the price and won't underwhelm you with the tone, but they are still around the 800 USD range.

I was drawn to bass because of an early love of the Motown / Stax songs I heard when I was younger, and the fact I married a drummer who gave me a bass one year for Christmas. The rest is history.
Like almost every bassist out there, I started on guitar. I was a noob at music, and figured the cool guys were always the lead guitarist. So I brought my first guitar, a Squier Strat. I royally SUCKED at it. I got it in a june of some year and by time August, I'd STILL not progressed any. I looked at some Bass Tabs, and they looked pretty simple. I decided to get a bass in August of that year. By time January, I had become attached to the bass, and I'd progressed a TON more on bass In 2 months than I did on Guitar in 3. I knew Bass was for me. I'll admit, I first started it because it was easier. But I've truly grown connected to bassism, It's become a part of me, my main instrument. I'll go back and try to learn Guitar again soon, but after I finish mastering Bass
I started playing bass because listening and playing the groove of a song has always appealed to me. I also prefer different genres of music when playing bass or guitar.
With guitar, I'm a Periphery guy. Totla Mad, Facepalm Mute, Ji, Froggin' Bullfish, etc.
With bass however, I'm really into 90s-00s Ska Punk (Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, The Suicide Machines, etc.) because I like really intricate, but groove filled bass lines.
I started playing the electric bass because I was originally a classical double bass player, but as I grew into a young teen I began to develop my own taste in music and thought it was time for a change. Haven't looked back since. My first bass was a Yamaha RBX270J, which is a great bass. Another option is the Stirling by Music Man SUB Ray34, quality piece of gear for its price range!
I want '61 Jazz Bass!
I always knew I wanted to play both bass and guitar. I think it originally came from listening to the 60s/70s music my parents used to play. I found bass more interesting in general, so I knew pretty much from the beginning that it'd be my main instrument.
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I strated listening carefully to the bass in many favorite songs, and realized that there was a lot more going on there than just eighth notes on the root.

Oh, and I listened to Rush. Enough said!

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