I bought a Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt recently. Now I know its a cheap practise amp. But in general can someone tell me the best way I could get a djent tone on this amp. The problem is the chords in the higher registers sound muddy any way I try. Would help if some one could share their setting in the following way:
Gain 3o'clock
Bass 11 o'clock
Mids 1 o'clock
Treble 5 o'clock
(^ My current settings for Megadeth tone)

Thank You.
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mids high, treble medium, bass low, gain medium, volume full.
This is the closest you'll get to that tone.

You may possibly wanna raise the bass a bit to compensate for the small sounding speakers.
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Getting Misha's holy grail of a tone through a Spider- a challenging proposition.

(Clock Positions) Bass 4, Mids maxed, Treble 2. Set your amp to a mildly thick crunch. Use a clean boost to thicken up your tone even more and increase the volume/punch of your attack transient (Misha has his own "Attack Overdrive" pedal just for this). A compressor also helps to boost the attack transient depending on your comp's abilities, and it smooth your tone. Set a noise gate to an extremely high attack time/threshold and minimal trail afterwards so that you have a quick punch upon playing, and then emptiness upon muting.

For the chords/leads, turn off the clean boost then activate an overdrive with a slight volume cut, or a slight boost for solos. If you don't have a clean boost, comp, noise gate, and overdrive, you won't get very far.

I presume you don't have any of those (and presuming the on-board amp effects stink) so just set your amp to those settings and chug away. Work with it a bit. Happy tone chasing c:
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For future reference I got a pretty close djent tone(distorted)

Drive - 12 o'clock
Bass - 11 o'clock
Mids - 5 o'clock (full)
Treble - 4 o'clock

and the tone sounds pretty heavy too
Use the INSANE channel, but cut the gain down somewhere between 9oclock to 12oclock. Use the above mentioned settings and that should get you close. I recommend plugging and playing the spider with Headphones. It sounds really good (for what it is), and you might be surprised. Dont bother buying any pedals or anything for it
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