I've had my Charvel for a few years now but have not picked it up for a while.

I was wondering if anyone could provide any sort of information about the guitar for me?

I am currently not living at home so cannot provide more photos than the two I have on my laptop of it.

I don't really know much about the guitar in terms of it's year or origin so would be interested to hear if anyone knows anything about these guitars? I believe I have the original case for the guitar as well.

I never really liked the pickups and the frets are in need of some attention so was wondering if it's worth bringing this guitar back to it's former glory i know it once had.


Charvel 375 deluxe. Should have been made in 1989 and have a basswood body.
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Charvel 375 deluxe. Should have been made in 1989 and have a basswood body.

sounds about right. the spaghetti logo means very late 80s - early 90s. that was one of the last decent guitars charvel made before they faded away. seems to be stock so not really any restoring needed. the top looks pretty sharp.
I also agree with the others. But it's a Toothpaste logo not spaghetti. That's my favorite logo that Charvel used, I wish they would bring it back.
Thanks guys! 89 was an awesome year, so cool to have a guitar from then!

I'm looking at maybe swapping out the pickups and having it refretted and sand down the back of the neck - they are not in great condition!
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