I was just wondering if anyone knows about the SD Invaders, specifically how the hex caps work on them. Are they removable? Only reason I ask is I'm looking into buying a "Crusader" (SD clone) from Dragonfire Guitars. (Now please don't tear me to shreds about it, I'm working on a tight budget.) The only issue is their pups don't have the option of changing the color of the caps, they all come in black. I wanted to switch them out for gold if possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I've seen an American supplier sell hex screws that are designed to go into pickups so they might be. However since it's a seymour duncan pickup it's best to ask them. I mean from an engineer perspective or someone assembling them how else could they put them on right?

with the deonators (import version of invaders seymour duncan has out, aka the duncan designed ones). They always pop up on ebay but the poles on them tend to rust or chip. As do legit invaders.

Tone wise if there is too much highs or muddiness (it happens with super high output pickups) them try the fender greasebucket mod. I use it in all my metal guitars with really high output pickups. One of my favorite guitars the bridge pickup is 19k, not sure about the other super technical stuff but it's one of the loudest pickups I've used.

this modification clears up the sound of your guitar if you're in a really saturated and high gain/distorted setting. It's a passive mod and costs around 3 dollars american to do and you'd have enough parts to do 15 or so guitars with the parts.

this is an article about it. It's so easy anyone can do it.
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