i dont have a band but i want to record a song with a lead guitar part a rythm parts and a drum part i can play all the parts its recording it all at one time thats the problem i know there are high tech ways to do this but would it be possible to wire a mp3 player to play a recorded drum part out thru an amp and same for the rythm??? then i play the lead part then have a mic setup to record ???? or is there an easier way to do this?
You will need multitrack software, that way you can layer instruments one by one. You could use Audacity for that.

Basically, you record one instrument first on one track, then play back the first track while you record a second instrument on the second track. Rinse and repeat for all the other tracks you want to add.

Good luck
Head over to the recordings forum & read the stickies.

Recommendations are there for all the options you have, the equipment you'll need, and the software you'll need if you choose to use your PC.
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Audacity is fairly simple to use, but it is very limited, so as you get experienced you should get some better recording software. FL Studio and Reaper are popular for example.
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