The Convict
I am a stone,
That feels nothing;
I am a stone,
That keeps breathing;

I'd been living in chains,
Enslaved by the demons within;
I'd got no friends,
Except for the demons within;

Do, what I'm shown;
Live, how I'm told;
Been living like a robot for far too long,
With the controllers in the hands of the demons,

This cell is my home,
And the prisoners my room;
My name's been replaced,
With a number so called no. 136;

My life's full of thorns;
Been sleeping in the bed of thorns for so long;
I remember, i was accused wrong,
But am suffering with all hopes gone;

My heart was once a rose,
But the rose has withered;
Feelings have slithered,
Away from my heart making it bittered;

Now all that's left,
Is the thorns of rose,
The rose that withered within me;
I was a man once,
Been broken and chained;
Transformed by the brutality;
Into a stone;

I am a stone,
Been talking to my doom;
I am a stone,
And i shall be hanged soon;
~Longmirjeng Taro