Hi there.

A couple of days ago I bought a Boss GT-10, and now I wanna create some patches and assign different effects; but that's where my problem occurs...

I want CTL 1 to control chorus, among other effects, but with the chorus I can't select the chorus type I want and save it? I want the 'Dimension' type chorus, but I can't find that when I select chorus? The only selection I get is mono, stereo1 and stereo2...
I've tried to see if the same problem would happen with the Overdrive, but with the Overdrive there's no problem..
What am I doing wrong?

Can someone please help me..
I hope that someone other than me have had this problem..

There areare only 3 chorus types under the chorus fx block. The dimension, jc120,analog, etc. are Quick Settings or rather sample settings that are preprogrammed using one of those 3 types of chorus effects. You can select one of those quick settings & save it per patch basis for the chorus block.