Hey im thinking about buying a Line 6 POD Studio GX next week as i would like to have a simple device to record my guitar sound on my pc and I was wondering if its possible, and if it would sound alright, if I connected my muilti effects pedal ( a Boss ME-70) in between the guitar and the Line 6 POD?

Im asking this because im kinda new to these usb shananigans and also because i would still like to use my Boss ME-70 to get the sounds that im used to while recording.
Nah don't get a pod studio GX, they sound bad.

As for the fx you could still use the ones on the ME70, but you'll likely find the ones you can have on a computer are usually more tweakable and generally better sounding.

If you want something cheap get an unbranded guitar link, and if you want something nice sounding either get a mackie onyx blackjack, a roland duo capture ex, or a steinberg UR22.
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Onyx has the best sounding preamps out of the mid range interfaces. Also consider the focusrite 2i4. Both of these allow DI recording or accept line level input from external effects