Hello All,

I'm new here today, if I make any mistakes or misplace a post, please forgive me


I have an old '79 Lester KM, and the issue is that the neck PU only works at full volume. If you turn the volume down (even just a notch from 10 to 9) the signal becomes very weak (almost un hearable)

Any suggestions?? tips??? experiences???


The volume potentiometer probably needs to be replaced. Open it up to find the resistance rating—250k or 500k-on the back of the pot, buy a matching Alpha pot to replace it, and get to work with a soldering iron.
Thanks for the quick reply, however, is there any way to save the potmeter, since its original?

Thanks allot for the given feedback!
You can try picking up some Deoxit and spraying some in there and turning the pot full tilt in either direction a few times. If that doesn't work, replace it. No one cares if one pot is original if it doesn't work.
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sprayed the pot and turned in both directions, no improvement....

Guess Ill have to change the pot