Hi Guys,

I've got a 2013 Gibson SG Standard coming that will need fully setting up.

Can anybody recommend a trusted luthier that can carry out a full set-up on this guitar for me.

I live in South Wales UK and can deliver and collect.

I don't want to give my new little beast to a butcher !!

All help appreciated.

Jaden of Jaden Rose Guitars is based in Carmarthenshire, if that helps. It might be worth sending him an email to ask about a set-up.

It's definitely something you can do at home by yourself though
I can do it for you. Here or there, your choice.
Either drop it into the mail (Los Angeles) or send me a ticket and I'll fly over.
I haven't been to Wales yet.

You're welcome to deliver and collect as well. I'll show you Dismaland (the Tragic Kingdom), take you on a tour of the Carvin and Taylor factories and let you loose in Norm's Rare Guitars. Just don't drool on his guitars. He gets testy when they do that.
Well that seems perfectly practical, thanks for the offer.

I can see that posting on UG is a total waste of time owing to most of the responses I've had to all my posts so far. I hope this is not what guitar players are like as a whole. If it is, it looks like I'll be on my own for ever more !!!