Has anyone had this problem before? I just got a new guitar and I'm tuning it using the guitar tuna app. Everything goes fine until I get to the D string. For some reason the app thinks I'm playing another A string which I'm not.... I then tried to use another app and it does the same thing. I hope my guitars not broken.
If it helps I wasn't tuning it while it was plugged into an amp. Maybe that's the problem? Please help.
Are you sure you don't actually have it tuned to A?
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That may be the problem. How do I get it to D? I'm trying to get it to standard tuning... I'm a noobie so ya :/
A B C D E F G and repeat in that order. Tune A up to D.
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Have you tried muting the A string with a finger? They often don't need much vibration for a tuner to be confused.
If you don't get a good ringing on the 9th harmonic it want sound right.
Maybe don't use an app? Or just do what everyone else here says.
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Thanks guys I fixed it (: I figure out how to tune everything perfectly now haha. I just thought that if I kept turning the nob my string would break :/ I was scared. Turns out it didnt (: