Hey there, does anyone know what could make the post on the bridge be raised all by itself? It would appear the post near the Low e is higher than the post near the high e. I can't exactly determine if one is higher than the other, but I can definitely see that one side of the bridge is higher than the other. Is there a possibility that it was pre set like this? I didn't mess with the posts or anything
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Its normal to have the bass side post be positioned a little higher than the treble side. This is to allow for the bass strings to vibrate without fret buzz, without having the treble string's action be needlessly high. Some people will tell you that with Floyd Rose bridges in particular, having the bridge posts be approximately the same height as one another benefits tuning stability, by slightly reducing friction between the knife edges and the posts. And while it does make sense, in my experience I haven't had tuning stability issues with decent quality Floyd Rose bridges set up either way. Lubricating the knife edges with grease certainly helps a huge amount with cutting friction down, to the point where I (and my tuner) can't tell the difference.
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