Hello everyone. I've just listed a custom guitar I put together on Ebay. I would like to get feedback from fellow enthusiasts. I want to get some feedback good or bad. This is my second time listing the guitar. The first time it didn't sell. I would like to get some feedback... here is the link...


here is youtube link..


Do you guys feel the price is just right? Everything on the guitar is quality.

I still have the protective case on the pick guard. Body in great condition. Neck amazing condition. Please listen to Youtube video of guitar in action.

What would you guys advise I change from a customers point of view?
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Well, first of all, you listed in the description it has 3 single coil pickups, which it doesn't. It has a humbucker and 2 single coils.

You say the parts are top quality, but you don't mention any name brands here or in the item description. That sort of stuff sells the guitar.

All in all, you have given me no indication this guitar is worth $300. The name "Squier" is a spectrum. Squiers can be $500 guitars or sub-$100 guitars. The fact that you so heavily customized it actually decreases the value as well.
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You say everything on the guitar is quality, but the only actual brands mentioned are the Squier body (not regarded as high quality) and the strings (not a selling point). You make no mention of what everything else is, which forces people to assume that the neck, tuners, pickups, pots, switch, and bridge are total junk.

People need to know what they're buying. Parts-o-casters are a hard sell in even if they have decent parts. If all of the parts are no-name stuff, 280 is too high. I'd put it at 100. If the parts are actually decent, you need to say what they are, and price it from there.

Some of your specs are completely wrong. You list the brand as "Fender," even though it is not. You list the model as "Squier" which is not a model, and not what your guitar is anyway. You say that the guitar has three single-coil pickups, which is obviously false. You list the item as "refurbished" but make no mention of what was refurbished or how. Any reasonably informed potential buyer is going to take one look at the incorrect or missing specs and run.
Honestly, whenever i see string brand andgauge mentioned in a guitar add, i try to stay away from it. If the strings are an actuall selling point, it makes me think the rest of the guitar is pretty worthless.
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"Custom" is a term that in the guitar business is reserved to either (1) a higher quality guitar than a Standard model or (2) a guitar made to order, generally of higher quality than a Standard build. This is a no-name partscaster put together by a random person and by the look of it not even with high quality parts.

It didn't sell because the price is far too high, and nobody likes to buy stuff not knowing what they get.

A Squier Stratocaster body, what model? You need to show the neck pocket stamp to prove any authencity or value. The neck, pickups, tuners, bridge etc. aren't specified which they need to be to have a value higher than the cheapest stuff you can buy on Ebay.

Since the guitar isn't original, your best bet is probably to take it apart and sell the parts separate. It isn't worth more than the sum of the parts either way.
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Quote by gorkyporky
Honestly, whenever i see string brand andgauge mentioned in a guitar add, i try to stay away from it. If the strings are an actuall selling point, it makes me think the rest of the guitar is pretty worthless.

Exactly this. Anybody who knows what they're looking for in a guitar doesn't give half a shit about what strings are currently on it. And if the person selling it honestly thinks that is something they care about, it just shows that the seller doesn't know what he's talking about, and the guitar is probably junk.

It's just like when people come into my store and ask if we take trade-ins, then I ask what kind of guitar it is and they say, "oh it's real nice. stays in tune great". With that, all I'm thinking is, "that doesn't tell me anything. even the shittiest of guitars will stay in tune. if it can't stay in tune, it's not just shitty, it's broken. And if staying in tune is your measure of what makes it a nice guitar, it's safe to assume that you don't know anything, and the guitar is some random no name strat knockoff from walmart that's barely worth the price of the cardboard it was packaged in."
Nice paint job, thats about it. Wouldn't pay 280 for a real Squier much less a refinished one. Sorry.
$280 for a used Squier? Please. That’s a $100 guitar if you’re lucky.
Honestly, it's not worth $280.
Realistically, it's worth about $75-$100 the most.

"Fender Style Tuners"? You can buy "fender style tuners" from chinese sellers for like 10 bucks.
No name pickups, no proof it's an actual Squier body, no name tuners, a headstock that says your ebay username, and an "out of place" randomly put gold neckplate (everything else is black).
Actually, $100 is being pretty generous.

Like the other replies on here, we're not trying to be douchebags. We might be giving you facts you don't like, but the truth can sometimes be disappointing.
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