She's loud as hell. Sounds fantastic, but I don't have a place I can actually crank it up.

This is an early B version, I think. The power cord is hard wired, but the reverb can be footswitched, and the loop return is stereo. I could be wrong though...

Comes mounted in an SKB rack, with footswitch and the reverb tank. I replaced the outer power tubes (with Mesa tubes) and all of the preamp tubes, and I haven't played for more than 20 hours on it since. I'm not its first owner, so I don't know if it's been gigged. I haven't gigged with it, and it doesn't smell or anything. Really, it's in great shape.

I'll take the tubes out and pack them separately if I'm shipping. If I don't have to ship it, I'm quite willing to take $100 less. I'm in Los Angeles just north of downtown.

Paypal or cash only.