i am in the balancing act of a bunch of things, (new guitar or amp or this pedal, that pedal,etc) but i have never owned a whammy. i know there are several versions of the whammy. i don't need the DT model. just a basic good sounding one.

are they good quality as far as durability?

what model is the one to go for? i am not looking to spend a ton, and i dont need the newest, just the basic effect is all i want.

the model you want is the current one, the whammy 5. it's the only whammy model which is powered by DC, has a switch to take the tracking from traditional glitchiness to polyphonic, and is true bypass.
^^^^^ yup. Currently model will do just fine.
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hmmm. i was hoping that there didn't seem to see the massive change between the 4 and 5 because Reverb has a 4 for $100. i wouldn't use it a ton, but $200 isn't bad, i have a laundry list of pedals to get, but i do want one.
The features aren't too different, but the sound quality and durability (the whammy 4 had calibration issues and needed AC power) favor the 5. +1 to the 5.
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yeh, the 5 really kills the 4 for features. (and sound)
Despite the appeal of an original, they are not very durable compared to the 5 / V either so its a no brainer really. JB hifi do em cheap atm
I use my RP-155's whammy effect. Although it is ultra glitchy with chords/polyphonic signals, the monophonic octave jump/interval works well. If you can sang one of those and use an expression pedal, you might be satisfied. It might work better if use you the RP-155 by itself, I have effects loaded everywhere on it. It would be less than $100 probably.

Other than that, yeah get the #5.
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