Its probably hard to tell but I don't know much about Gibson guitars to pick a real one out but can anyone tell from the pictures if its a real Gibson , The guy said It had a crack in the neck but he glue it back on straight apart from that is need a lot of work doing to it .
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It looks legit, but f it ihow much does he want for it? I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it though. You will end up spending $300-$400 to replace all the parts it needs.

And it has been broke and fixed which it the main issue
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Looks legit, but pretty rough. I'm not sure I'd touch anything with an amateur repair at the neck joint, the frets look in bad shape, and the finish stripping was not done well.

As Robb says, I wouldn't drop a whole lot of money on it. If you're looking for a project body or something to practice repairs or refinishing on, it's probably great. If you're hoping to slap some electronics on it and have a great guitar - don't bet on it.
He said it a Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1996 Its bidding at £255, He said the neck wasnt completely broken off, but im not so sure about that , I guess the only thing that is putting me off is the fact that If he hasnt done a good neck repair It will be a waste of money, although he said the truss rod works
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I don't see any reason to doubt that it's real. Serial number checks out too.

I would be concerned about the neck repair. From the amount of cracking it looks like the neck joint was broken, and the fix does not look particularly good.
I wouldn't bother with it, too much work and real or not for the gibson guitar you can get a ton of just as nice guitars that aren't gibson but les pauls out there.

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It's genuine but the attempted repair is completely shoddy. Which is enough for me to say no. I'd rather buy one with a clean break that's been untouched that I can repair.

Asking too much for it
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