Hi guys...........i have a lot of question i recently bought a guitar and a portable amp.............I'd like to ask a few questions and get tips 1)The portable amp is it one that can allow me to play popular music and if it as any setback please name them,2)when i play my guitar i learnt where the chords are and Would like to know when to strum.or pick and the difference also how to learn when to use them 3)How long it will take for me to be able to change to chords, 4)what tabs are 5) Also they're many videos i see where people play the same song but use different chords.........does it change or do any chords do and the're just many different chords but all play the same.......6) Leave tips on how i can improve and please notice i'm limited as i sucked in music...........and have a portable amp............I'll ask more questions with many more days to come...I'm 16 by the way thanks in advance 7)hen i try to shake the string like most do the sound goes can someone explain that aswell
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First of all welcome to playing the guitar!

I can't answer your first question because you haven't said what make and model of amp it is, but portable amps are usually pretty good for clean sounds and clean sounds are usually good for pop music.

Your second question depends on the song. But I can tell you that strumming is playing chords with your fretting hand (left in most cases) and keeping a rhythm with your other hand (right hand) and picking is plucking one or more strings on it's own. Strumming is usually for playing chords and picking is for playing riffs and melodies.

I don't know if your third question is asking when you can start playing chords or when you should be able to change the chord you are playing, in either case, when you feel you are ready is best.

Now I can definitely answer this one! Tab is a way of writing music for guitar that is easy to read. It is divided into 6 lines, one for each string. When a number is on the line, you put your finger on that number fret. for example:


when a tab looks like this, you would put your finger on the third fret of the D string.

many chords can be played in many different ways, but what you're talking about (I think) is playing songs in different keys. Most songs follow rules about which chords you are can use. if you change the main chord from a G chord to a D chord, You would have to change all the other chords in the song so they could sound the same so all the C chords would become G chords and the D chords would become A chords. Don't worry about this too much at the moment, get better at playing first :p

When you shake the string how I imagine you are doing it, that is called vibrato, and takes a bit of practice, and it has to be strong but also gentle to get it really nice

one last thing, If you think you might stick with playing guitar, make sure you put your hands in the right position, your thumb should remain flat against the back of the neck and not to the side and you should not press too hard, the string only needs to touch the metal fret, not the wooden fretboard.

also keep the guitar close to your body and not too far down as that can eventually lead to wrist injuries.
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http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-3W-Electric-Guitar-Bass-Amplifier-with-Volume-Tone-Control-Black-PG-3-/311222187257 this is the amp i have.....................ok Thanks for the reply Do you know if they're any techniques that can help me change chords haha every-time i want to change from the sound either stops or just cries.......Also how do i know i'm playing the chords too hard or too soft...........Please explain frets.........The vibrating of the string as well as when i do it the sound just goes..........Oh thats going to be hard you have a link or pic that can show me the way because i may have gotten used to the wrong thing..............haha i will have to play better then ask more about this keys....Also how do i get that rhythm,melodic,clean sound...........Feel free to leave tips for i plan to play "cliffs of dover" in the long run
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Do you know if they're any techniques that can help me change chords haha every-time i want to change from the sound either stops or just cries.......Also how do i know i'm playing the chords too hard or too soft...........

This is the common difficulty for the beginners. The clarity in chaning chords comes with practice, but there are some exercises you can do, such as pressing the chord, strumming the strings, then removing the fingers from the fretboard, then pressing the chord again and strumming the strings and so on.

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Please explain frets.........

Frets are (technically) those small metal bars that are placed on the fretboard, but most guitarists refer to "frets" as to the spaces between those "bars", the spaces you put your fingertips on.
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I see..............You mind telling me how to play songs with chords do i just play the chords or do i follow a rhythm.....When do i know when to pick and When to strum and Which strings to pick and not...........Also do i strum all strings? How tight should my whammy bar be..........Please add more tips and exercises.............I'd appreciate any tips that can help me excel