So, the more I write tabs, the more this problem surfaces...

Solos! Now, slow, melodic country solos I can handle, and tab quite easily, but how on earth does one work out a super fast Judas Priest style solo?

Often, the case isn't even that I am incapable of playing the solo, it's just that the notes are being spewed out at such a pace that I couldn't hope to decipher the notes.

So how do you work round this problem? Just not put in the solo and risk having a poor tab? Take a wild guess and risk an even poorer tab? Do I just need more guitar experience? Or is there a way (An app or something) to slow down notes without the pitch being affected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Yes, slow it down. There are probably a number of programs that can do it, but I'd recommend Audacity for a free one. You can slow down without affecting pitch. There may be better free ones out there that I don't know of.

I always wonder if someone like Paul Gilbert can hear and play fast things all in real time, but for me, gotta slow it down to have a chance.
Sometimes being really familiar with a scale can help you identify the peaks and troughs within a certain scale run. For example, you can hear the 6th & minor 3rd - with b7th (Dorian), or the 6th and major 3rd - with b7th (Mixolydian) flavours amidst the run, which can give you an overall place to start, and any passing notes (say major 7th) should stand out (if only for a heart beat) as they don't really belong (for lack of a better word) to that particular scales' overall tonality.

Here's an easy one: (within the context of rock/metal/Priest... generally)
If you run up and down the natural minor scale, and then do the same with the harmonic minor scale, your ear should abundantly hear the difference between the two scales (no matter how fast you shred them), and the flavour of either scale becomes quite distinctive to the natural ear. Now add the b5th to either (or both) and it should stand out on it's own merits.

+1 to Audacity for slowing passages down (as I like free stuff too)!

Hope it helps!
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I will definitely get Audacity in that case. Thanks for the help! It's really appreciated!
Thank you That Ship. I hope this will definitely help me out. As I've been playing for over 10 years, but still haven't bothered to learn my theory and scales and whatnot.....I suck, I know.
Thank you #21! Tim Duncan!!!