One of my old songs that was recorded with a cheap samson mic. Any criticism is welcome and I would love to know how you think it sounds!

And everything that once was
infinitely far
and unsayable is now
and right here in the room.

- Franz Wright
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Like the fact its recorded on a cheap mic, kind of gives it a real chilled lo-fi vibe
The slow down at 0.38 and switch up at 1.08/2.00 are perfect. Loads of acoustic tracks end up getting real stale rhythmically but this sustained interest throughout.
Songwriting could do with a little work - it kind of works inverse to the rhythm in that it gets repetitive too quickly. The chorus would work as a nice refrain but work on layering the verses a little better, perhaps alternating the melody from verse to verse.
Good job overall.

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Thank you for the reviews, brother of a different color. You have a nice singing voice, nice vocal melodies. I like most of the guitar riffs, though when I initially heard the riffs that kind of stutter, I thought you were making mistakes, but you kept repeating that, so I figured out you were doing that on purpose. Keep at it.
WOW. The guitar in this track is awesome and the rhythm really held my interest throughout. I really like the lyrics aswell. Great track
Hey man, this is really nice. I like your melody It is full of emotion and it carry's right until the end of the track! I personally like your verse more than your chorus, I feel the verse is easier to sing along too all in all though I think this track is nice, with some awesome acoustic guitar!
It sounds like a Classical guitar, if so you made the right choice. Its sound fits this so perfectly. Your singing is phenomenal as well.

Edit: Oh I can see your guitar in the picture
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Great track! I love the laid back atmosphere, it really helps convey a lot of emotion. I just felt like some transition need some work rhythmically. Other than that, a great listen
Hey man,

Get a better microphone. I like the vibe of the song, and you have a really awesome voice. If you get a chance at recording all of this properly, and if you want us to collab I'm down. Just by listening to this I have a ton of ideas on what to do. If not, no worries. Keep singing man, you're great!