I'm learning all the beginner chords and right now I'm working on the C chord. Any tips on how to place my hands that may have worked for you guys?
I usually arch my fingers into a claw shape and press straight down on to the frets. But I find that other strings get muted often or I'm not pressing down hard enough and it causes my strings to make this buzzing sound :/
Could it be the quality of this really cheap off brand guitar I'm using that makes it a bit harder then it usually is?
I don't believe it is the guitar making it that much harder you may just need to practice more and build up strength in your hand and fingers. A common way of finguring the chord C ( I am assuming C major) is 1st finger on first fret of the B string, 2nd finger on the second fret of the D string and then the third finger on the third fret of the A string.

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your fretting hand will get stronger with time and then it will be easier to keep your fingers arched in a way where you aren't muting the open strings. just takes a lot of playing time but you'll see results as long as you keep it up

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Start with easy chords A...d...E..e minor a minor and work your way up to g chord then c chord.
Justin guitar has great lessons and great starter songs he is my teacher lol
Also do google to find chords it will show u pictures on how to do chords
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+1 for Justinguitar. Another newbie here and his website and videos have been very helpful.
I wrote this a second ago for another thread, I guess it's relevant here too:
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If you play this chord at the 8th fret you have C Major.

When barring chords close to the nut (okay lets use F Major), remember that the notes on the A, D and G strings are being fretted by your other 3 fingers. So as you lay your index finger across those 3 strings, take advantage of that fact, so you can relax the (index finger) pressure off those 3 strings a little.

With practice you'll find this comes naturally and most of the pressure will be isolated to the Thick E String (using the top of your index finger) and the 2 thinnest strings (for me it's just above my index finger's 2nd knuckle). In essence you are slightly curving your index finger to release the pressure from the A, D and G strings (as previously mentioned).

BIG TIP: Remember, the closer to the fret wires that you can hold the strings required for each chord, the easier (less finger pressure needed) and clearer sounding the chords will be.

e ||1--|---|---|-
B ||1--|---|---|-
G ||---|2--|---|-
D ||---|---|3--|-
A ||---|---|3--|-
E ||1--|---|---|-

e ||-1-|---|---|-
B ||-1-|---|---|-
G ||---|-2-|---|-
D ||---|---|-3-|-
A ||---|---|-3-|-
E ||-1-|---|---|-

e ||--1|---|---|-
B ||--1|---|---|-
G ||---|--2|---|-
D ||---|---|--3|-
A ||---|---|--3|-
E ||--1|---|---|-
Hope it helps!
... and I just said this in the same thread, which is just as applicable!:

Frequently the problem is down to poor thumb position. Your thumb should be somewhere between the first two fingers, not pointing sideways way up where the nut is.